The Super Rare Snowy Owl Has Returned To Central Park!

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

The Super Rare Snowy Owl Has Returned To Central Park!

New Yorkers obsessed over a rare Snowy Owl being spotted in Central Park last week…and now, it has returned!

The owl, which is a fairly common sight further north, had not been seen in NYC since 1890! And now, we got two sightings exactly one week apart. [featured image source: @jakerosmarin]

@ManhattanBirdAlert once again reported the news, saying it was spotted last night across from the Central Park Reservoir.

The account, which reports rare bird sightings in the city and shares photos and insights (they’ve been the first to announce nearly every noteworthy rare bird in Manhattan since May 2013!), says that is likely sticking around Central Park for the ample hunting opportunities, abound with ducks and mice.

Though it is unlikely, they say it possibly could have been in Central Park all week undetected. “The initial arrival was quite improbable, and so is the return!” they said.

As of one hour ago (around 9 a.m.), they said it has not been seen at the reservoir, but it may return to the park to hunt later.

Keep an eye out for the once-in-a-lifetime (ok, now twice) occurrence!

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