Watch This Humongous Snake Slither Across A Brooklyn Subway Station

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Watch This Humongous Snake Slither Across A Brooklyn Subway Station

If you’ve lived in New York long enough, you’ve seen some pretty wild things on the subway, but this may take the cake!

An NYC subway train operator Tweeted out a surprising video of a giant snake slithering across an NYC subway station, and it’s definitely making us rethink how we used to be scared of rats…

[featured image source: Video Still / Twitter @TripleG_RTO]

The train operator, Canella Gomez, said the video was sent to him on Sunday, so they don’t know exactly when it was from, presumably over the weekend. (Though with a little sleuthing you can see the new social distancing markers on the platform, so it had to have been at least within the past month or two).

He also said it was in Brooklyn, though the exact station was up for debate. Replies on Twitter guessed that it was the Coney Island bound N train, Fort Hamilton stop. As for the snake type, many guess it is a black racer or a type of python.

Now who thought rats running across the platform wouldn’t seem so bad! Of course, many Twitter users pointed out that those types of snakes typically eat rats, so maybe it would actually be a way to help keep the rodent population under control…

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