10 Observations Anyone Who Commutes On The NYC Subway Can Relate To

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

10 Observations Anyone Who Commutes On The NYC Subway Can Relate To

Ah, the New York subway: we love it, we hate it, and we love to hate on it.

Though there are undeniably a lot of issues that have come to light as it ages, and plenty to annoy daily commuters, it’s also undeniable how special the subway is to the city. It helped pioneer mass transit in major cities all over the world, and can get you from completely different parts of diverse NYC (aka different worlds) for the small price of $2.75.

You can get wherever you want completely independently and conveniently, which is a lot more than other cities can say. And because the subway is so unique to New York life, there are a few things that only NYC transit commuters can truly relate to, like…

1. We break the laws of physics daily with how many people/things we can fit into one confined space:

2. People will carry ANYTHING on the train

Hey, most of us don’t have cars, which means no matter how big it is, we’re bringing it on the subway!

3. It has a fascinatingly rich history…

4. That you’re still riding on:

5. At least the stellar music makes up for it…

Any New Yorker knows the best performances aren’t in Madison Square Garden or Barclays, but in New York subway stations.

6. But then you also see performances like this and remember what a weird city it is:

7. It reminds us of certain things…like when you’ve definitely been out too late on a work night:

8. Or that you can truly wear whatever you feel like.

Magic man be using the subway too from SubwayCreatures

Giant penguin costume from SubwayCreatures

9. Yes, people will drive you crazy

You’re not making it on, buddy.

10. …but you also see the very best of people.

A man gave the shirt off his back to a homeless man on an NYC Subway from wholesomegifs

Through the ups and the downs, at least the New York subway is ours through and through. And hey out-of-towners, that means only we can bad-mouth it!

featured image source: MTA

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