Join Our New Online Community For An Exclusive Look At NYC Life

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Join Our New Online Community For An Exclusive Look At NYC Life

Become a Secret NYC subscriber and get the very best out of Secret NYC.

New York City is tough. It’s gritty, raw, and not always the kindest…but when it matters most, the city unites as a family. It may sound like a cliché, but this collective understanding is what makes the five boroughs we call home absolutely magical. And Secret NYC wants to share in all of that with you.The beautiful moments, the harsh realities, the tips, guides and inside looks at navigating it all, as New Yorkers. When you join our Secret NYC community you’ll get access to more of what makes NYC the best city in the world. 

Subscribing to us costs as little as $0.99 per month, and grants you a behind-the-scenes look into what the Secret NYC team is digging into. Our editorial team will be planning interviews where you’ll get to hear from the locals that keep this city alivefrom artists, bartenders and chefs, to nurses, shop owners and everything in between. We’ll explore exciting initiatives with you, and encourage your feedback to chat with us directly!

Some other exciting plans we have cooked up for our subscribers include: 

  • Q&As with inspiring locals
  • Sharing our personal insider tips and favorite spots
  • Providing exclusive city guides on things to do
  • Creating fun quizzes and challenges for our community
  • Providing deals and discounts on city events, courtesy of our friends at Fever

As part of your Secret NYC subscription, you’ll also get access to exclusive online events through Fever including candlelight concerts, fascinating talks, and murder mysteries along with priority access for new event launches in NYC!

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They’ve even lined up a discount for our new Secret NYC subscribers as a little welcoming gift. So join our growing community and thank you for trusting our team to bring you the best of New York City. 

You can sign up to be a Secret NYC subscriber here.


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