Let These Enlightening Talks Inspire You This Summer In NYC

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Let These Enlightening Talks Inspire You This Summer In NYC

Never stop learning.

We know sitting in quarantine, unable to go out and enjoy your favorite parts of the city is hard on a lot of you right now. While we’re bringing you all the best online content and news updates during this difficult time, we also want to give you something to look forward to once all of this is over. This summer, a brand new series of engaging talks is coming to NYC! Tickets for Fever Talks are on sale now!

Fever Talks is a new series of presentations on a variety of interesting topics like the science of love, the benefits of mindfulness, and even the psychology behind serial killers. If you have a curious mind and thirst for knowledge, these educational events are the perfect way to spend an evening. Each speaker is an expert in their field that will open your mind and feed your soul. Check out this summer’s talks in the table below.

Quantum Physics For Beginners
July 21
The Science of Psychedelics
July 22
Secrets of Serial Killers
August 5
Exploring the Mind of a Psychopath
August 11

Here’s what to expect!

1. Quantum Physics for Beginners

Fever Talks
Image courtesy of Fever.

You don’t have to be Sheldon Cooper to understand the secrets of the universe. This hour talk will give you a sturdy grasp on how time and space work from protons to quarks, from string theory to relativity. Tickets are on sale now!

2. The Science Of Psychedelics

Image courtesy of Fever.

This one’s really out there. Enjoy an evening with an expert on psychedelics. Learn about how these mind-altering substances work, what they do to the brain, and how some psychedelics can actually be used to treat mental health illness. Tickets are on sale now!

3. The Science of Love

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Why does our heart beat fast when we see a crush? How does the way we were raised influence who we choose as a partner? Why does it hurt so much when we get dumped? This talk explains the neuroscience behind how we form bonds in relationships and why some of us are better partners than others. Tickets are on sale now! 

4. Mindfulness for Modern Life

Fever Talks
Image courtesy of Fever.

Learn to be present and still in a constantly moving, modern world. In this talk, you’ll learn how to calm anxiety and foster joy through various exercises and meditation. You’ll also learn practical skills you can incorporate into any hectic schedule. Tickets are on sale now!

5. Secrets of Serial Killers

Fever Talks
Image courtesy of Fever.

True crime fans will love this expert’s look at some of the most gruesome and chilling tales of history. Discover how serial killers choose their victims and the psychology behind why they kill. Fever Talks’ expert will give unique insights of famous serial killers as well as lesser-known criminals that will keep the hair on your neck raised until the end of the presentation. Tickets are on sale now!

6. Exploring the Mind of a Psychopath

Image courtesy of Fever

The media has created a horrible stigma around people with mental health disorders, especially when it comes to psychopaths. Come learn about what an actual psychopathic diagnosis means and the neuroscience behind the personality disorder from Jennifer Reese, a real expert in forensics and psychology. Learn how psychopaths are not actually violent or dangerous as well as the many psychopaths of history that have been a benefit to society. Tickets are on sale now!



There’s no limit to what you can learn. Reserve your spot at these exciting Fever Talks now!

Feature photo courtesy of Fever.

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