Santa Visits NYC Children With Help From FDNY’s Massive Fire Truck Ladder

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Santa Visits NYC Children With Help From FDNY’s Massive Fire Truck Ladder

Now here’s a sweet holiday story!

Or you can even call it a Christmas “miracle,” and those involved have taken to calling it the “Miracle on 73rd St.”!

Last night, Dec. 17, and NYPD and FDNY teamed up to make this Christmas one to remember for the children at the Ronald McDonald House on 73rd St. on the Upper East Side. Though they usually pay a holiday visit to the non-profit, bringing wrapped gifts and holiday cheer, this year proved to be a different matter.

With many of the children experiencing serious illnesses, it was too risky to have an in-person visit from Santa, even with face masks on. So, instead they put Kris Kringle himself up in the fire truck ladder and let children see him right from their own rooms!

“This year was a little more challenging because of COVID,” explained officer Patrick Conley, who has been working on this holiday effort with the Ronald McDonald House since 2011. “So we really had to think outside of the box in terms of how we’re going to make it happen, and we teamed up with FDNY Engine 44, and we made it happen…that’s why we’re calling it the miracle on 73rd Street.”

Children were able to peer out the windows of their rooms and wave to Santa, hoisted high above the NYC streets thanks to the giant ladder on the FDNY’s firetruck.

“This year especially has been really hard for families,” said Nicole Kelly from the Ronald McDonald House. “So being able to bring this cheer and all the excitement right to their rooms, in the safety of their own rooms, it makes their week just a little bit brighter when everything’s a bit more difficult.”

You can see all the Christmas joy here:

featured image source: Video Still, NYPD

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