The 10 Most “New York” Things That Happened In Yesterday’s Snow

From a random bagpipes performance in the street to outdoor dining in a blizzard...as usual, New Yorkers have no *chill*

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

The 10 Most “New York” Things That Happened In Yesterday’s Snow

Yes, it snowed in NYC. You know this by now.

But since it was our biggest storm in four years, and was more snow than we got in all of last winter combined, we are going to keep enjoying it!

And, as usual, it brought out lots of “only in New York” moments.

Here are 10 quirky, silly, “New York-y” things we saw from yesterday that made us love our city even more:

New Yorkers and restaurant owners dined outside, snow storm be damned…

A New Yorker gave a beautiful (and beautifully random) bagpipes performance in the falling snow:

Snowmen? Pshhh…we do snow sculptures!

And of course someone made a “snow rat,” because it is our city mascot:

Others had to give a cue to the pandemic:

Snowball fights were ample…

And skiers and snowboarders came out to shred (and get to the bodega!)…

People dressed up their tiny dogs especially extra…

And Times Square became full of crowds once again:

Andddd there’s a New York Snow Day for you!

featured image source: Instagram / @akikotakeuchi14

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