A Rooftop Bar With Mini-Golf and a Carousel is Coming to Manhattan

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A Rooftop Bar With Mini-Golf and a Carousel is Coming to Manhattan

Local fairs and amusement parks collide with a chic Manhattan rooftop to create a truly unique rooftop bar and lounge. Complete with mini-golf and a carousel, this is something the city has never seen before.

Creating a unique bar in New York City is no easy feat. We’ve seen every iteration of theme-bar you can imagine, from tiki-inspired cocktails to a werewolf bar. It takes something truly different to inspire us to look up from our cell phone and order a drink. Tao nightlife group may just have created something that will truly capture our imagination.

Remember those local fairs of your childhood? You know the ones, with rickety rides, unwinnable games, and carnies that look like they are extras from American Horror Story. No matter how you feel about them now, when you were young they were a thing of wonder, with bright lights, thrills, and magic. A new rooftop bar coming next month is mashing the nostalgia of the amusement-park vibe with the style and elegance of a New York City rooftop.

Tao nightlife group has brought us some of the city’s favorite night spots, and their latest state fair-themed rooftop bar is set to be your next go-to haunt. After all, what’s better than a rooftop bar on a hot summer day? Maybe all that with round of mini-golf and a ride on a carousel.

The Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge will be located on top of Moxy Times Square (36th Street and Seventh Avenue), a Marriott chain hotel that is set to open soon. The project will be the largest indoor/outdoor hotel rooftop bar in the city.

Much like Netflix’s “Stranger Things” brought us back to a more innocent time, The Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge will transport you back to a time where the biggest challenge in your life was winning a stuffed animal in a state-fair booth.

Featured image source [moxytimessquare]

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