The Coolest Theme Bars in New York City

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The Coolest Theme Bars in New York City

The city is full of surprises. There are fun places tucked away in seemingly every corner, but it’s just knowing where to look. If you’ve ever run out of things to see then you haven’t done enough research, especially when it comes to themed establishments.

Of the many of themed bars you’ll find throughout NYC you’ll quickly discover that some aren’t worth the hype, but if you want to grab a drink at a bar that’s both good and visually exciting you have to check out these five themed bars that are each more unique than the next.

Otto’s Shrunken Head

  • 538 East 14th Street

When you walk into Otto’s Shrunken Head you’re walking into a “tiki oasis” with tropical rum drinks that come in elaborate glasses which will instantly make you long for the beach. An escape to the islands during a harsh winter and a perfect place to cool down during the summer.

Beauty Bar

  • 231 East 14th Street

Why every salon isn’t also a bar is truly a mystery, but it’s what keeps this one going! Enjoy a drink (or several) at Beauty Bar as you get your nails done.

The Slaughtered Lamb Pub

  • 182 West 4th Street

If you’re a fan of sci-fi you’ll love this werewolf-themed bar that’ll give you the chills as soon as you step in. You can grab food and drinks in the Pub Room, play darts in the Dungeon, and relax by a fire in their Werewolf Lounge.

Trailer Park Lounge

  • 271 West 23rd Street


Known best for its “kitschy decor,” Trailer Park Lounge will transport you to the center of, well, a trailer park! The tacky but colorful decorations that coat the walls and ceiling of this bar will give you the feel that you’re somewhere in South Floridaand that’s exactly what the owners intended.

Boobie Trap

  • 308 Bleecker Street

It’s not hard to guess what this Bushwick bar’s theme is by the name. The Boobie Trap’s good vibes and provocative decor will bring you in but the awesome staff, incredible happy hour, and fun games will keep you there all night.

Featured image source [Facebook/The Original Trailer Park Lounge]

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