Riverside Park Conservancy Celebrates 35th Anniversary With Summer Long Art Exhibition

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Riverside Park Conservancy Celebrates 35th Anniversary With Summer Long Art Exhibition

The FREE exhibit will feature over 20 artists!

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Riverside Park Conservancy! In celebration, and to honor the city’s comeback from the pandemic, a new art exhibition is coming to the park. Riverside Park “will host a summer long event honoring the resolve and resilience of all New Yorkers,” said a recent press release. 

The exhibition, titled RE:GROWTH, A Celebration of Art, Riverside Park, and the New York Spirit will act as a public cultural space for visitors. “13 site-specific installations will span several miles and can be enjoyed safely all in one day or over several summer visits.”

Facebook/ Riverside Conservancy

Participating artists include Sadie Laska, Niki Lederer, Wendy Letven, LoVid, Mary Mattingly, Joiri Minaya, Sui Park, Shuli Sadé, Jean Shin, Glen Wilson, Letha Wilson, Woolpunk, Blanka Amezkua, Kenseth Armstead, Vanessa Albury, Lee Boroson, Dahlia Elsayed,Mark Joshua Epstein,Rico Gatson, DeWitt Godfrey, Joshua Goode, Valerie Hegarty, Wennie Huang, and Beth Krebs.

The exhibition’s curator is Karin Bravin, who previously produced a three month exhibition in Riverside Park in 2006 titled Studio in The Park.

Here are some exhibition highlights:

HAPPINESS IS… by Blanka Amezkua
Rendering from Riverside Park Conservancy/ Blanka Amezkua
Chart Towards the Charms by Dhalia Elsayed
Renderings from Riverside Park Conservancy/ Dhalia Elsayed
 Variation of Controlled Burn; Variation of Snowman by Niki Lederer
Renderings from Riverside Park Conservancy/ Niki Lederer

There will even be an augmented reality installation by Shuli Sadé titled Upstream Downstream that will highlight “the temporariness of time and of the ever-flowing wisdom representing ecological, topographic, and technological knowledge metaphorically carried by the water” with floating augmented logograms atop the Hudson River.

The park is continuing to make improvements to the beloved space including horticultural care, physical improvements and public programming. If you are interested in donating to help sustain the park you can donate here.

Dates: June 5, 2021 – September 12, 2021

featured image source: Riverside Park Conservancy/ Shuli Sadé

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