Recreational Marijuana Could Be Legalized In NYC Next Year

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Recreational Marijuana Could Be Legalized In NYC Next Year
2019 could be the year that marijuana becomes legal in New York State.

This week, the New York Post reported on Governor Cuomo’s plan to legalize marijuana in New York State as a part of his next budget address.

According to a government spokesperson, “The goal of this administration is to create a model program for regulated adult-use cannabis — and the best way to do that is to ensure our final proposal captures the views of everyday New Yorkers.”

In addition to studies conducted about the potential of tax revenue, (an estimated 3.1 billon dollars are expected to be pumped into the market in New York State) the Governor’s office held various listening sessions across the city and state to ensure that the opinions of NYS citizens regarding the legalization of Mary Jane were taken into account before any legislation moved forward.

According to the New York Department of Health, “the positive effects of a regulated marijuana market in New York State outweigh the potential negative impacts,” however opposition parties- especially those whose position is that of the gateway drug theory- continue to have a loud voice in the decision making process up to this point. Should legalization occur, it remains unclear what laws will be put in place about public use of the drug, distribution and the current incarceration of past offenders.

We guess all this information means that we shouldn’t hold our breath, but legalization is looking like a much closer reality for 2019 than any other year in the past.

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