Beloved Astoria Restaurant Queens Comfort Is Closing For Good

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Beloved Astoria Restaurant Queens Comfort Is Closing For Good

This nostalgic Astoria restaurant will no longer serve up its greasy favorites and cereal-coated creations as it is sadly shutting its doors on October 11th.

Over this past weekend, the Queens Comfort Instagram broke hearts as it announced the closure of its beloved restaurant.

They wrote:

We are truly heartbroken to announce that Queens Comfort will be closing— October 11th will be our last day. Thank you for so many incredible memories, you filled our dining room with love everyday. You showed us the meaning of community. Love you Astoria.

First opened in 2011, this restaurant claimed its hype from formulating new and fascinating ways to bring comfort food to life. Their menu featured atomic fireballs (deep fried mac & cheese balls with sriracha and ranch), a peanut butter & jelly burger, captain crunch chicken fingers, and even cornflake chicken & waffles. They were event featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!

Facebook/ Queens Comfort

And it wasn’t just the food that was comforting…

Facebook/ Queens Comfort

Since there would always be a line out the door for brunch on Sundays, the hilarious maitre d’ would tell jokes (each party could choose how dirty theirs would be) to pass the time. Once you entered, it was a den of nostalgia: with old movie posters, ’90s toys, and more gracing the walls, and a live DJ spinning throwback tunes. Plus in its original years it was BYOB, so it was basically like a personal brunch party with the most indulgent foods.

Facebook/ Queens Comfort

It’s a sad goodbye as we and all of Astoria have to let go of this iconic joint that continuously brought smiles to the community’s faces and stomachs. Locals commented on their closing post with statements such as “words can’t describe how much this place means to us…you guys were there for our and the community’s biggest moments” @mrsmillersmiles and “this is beyond heartbreaking” @k80thelady, as restaurant lovers suggest any help they can aid in keeping this establishment afloat as others are pleading for shirts that can commemorate the restaurant.

Queens Comfort has made an unforgettably touching impact on their community and its legacy will surely remain in the hearts and memories of NYers forever.

Still, their sister restaurant Comfortland, which specializes in doughnuts and other indulgent items, appears to be staying strong.

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featured image source: Facebook/ Queens Comfort

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