There’s A NYer Dressed As ‘Pizza Rat’ Running Around The Subway

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

There’s A NYer Dressed As ‘Pizza Rat’ Running Around The Subway

If you’ve missed the NYC subway — particularly the completely wild things you could witness on the train — you’re in luck.

Social media has been taken over with one New Yorker who has taken to dressing up as a rat and roaming around the subway at all hours of the day.

Apparently the outfit is courtesy of local performance artist Jonothon Lyons. He created the character and costume, called “Buddy the Rat,” back in 2009 for a film, and brought him back for some entertainment during the pandemic.

Even with commuting and ridership down, there are still plenty of riders who have some pretty hilarious reactions to seeing Jonothon’s getup.

This particular video (which even Ice T chimed in on) shows one New Yorker simply climbing over the entire staircase railing to get to the platform when pizza rat blocks his way!

He also interacts with subway musicians…

Hangs out in Times Square…

And even wears a face mask!

It looks like he travels all around the city, and shares all the shenanigans he gets up to on Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re missing the creatures of the subway, you’ll surely get your fill from Jonothon…

featured image source: Twitter / @jonothonlyons

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