NYC’s First Ever Cat Film Festival Is Coming To Chelsea (Seriously)

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NYC’s First Ever Cat Film Festival Is Coming To Chelsea (Seriously)
New York City is getting its first film festival dedicated to Cats… Yes! Now instead of sitting in your apartment watching cat videos on YouTube, you can do it in a theatre with other ailurophile’s (cat lovers).

As you well know, the foundations on which the internet is comprised mainly of pornography, rat’s doing stuff on and around the subway, and cat videos. One of those three things is getting its own film festival in NYC, and it’s not the one you hoped it would be.

In December the city is getting its first film festival that is exclusively dedicated to cats… not for cats, we assume that would just be footage of mice and red dots from laser pens. No, professional filmmakers have gotten together to make and show feature films about and featuring cats.

Why a cat film festival? Believe it or not, there’s already a Dog film festival, one so successful that it’s already in its 3rd year. Well, the city’s feline population just can’t let itself be upstaged by a collection of canines, now can it? Granted, the organizers don’t see it that way, as they say on their site:

Cats have their own unique and indescribable bond with people – even when living independently as community cats. This festival celebrates that attachment while giving back to animal welfare groups that protect cats and elevate their status in the world.  In New York City that will be the NYC Feral Cat Initiative, a program of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

So, it’s not about kitty-ego, the project is actually doing some good.

The festival is broken down into two 70 minute programs each featuring different short, family-friendly films. Listen to the host of “Cat Chat” and “Dog Talk and Kitties Too!” (yes, those are both things) tell you about whats going on in this year’s event:


Are you a “crazy cat person?” If so the Cat Film Festival takes place on Saturday, December 9th. You can learn more about the festival and buy tickets here.