NYC’s 24 Layer Chocolate Cake is a Slice of Heaven

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You may think you’ve had the best cake in the city, maybe even the best chocolate cake, but you’re wrong. Meet the 24 layer chocolate cake that is simply the best thing on the dessert menu. 

If there was a prize for comfort food, chocolate cake would win… or at least be on the podium with ice cream and chicken and waffles. In a world where many purveyors of desserts are crowbarring rainbow colors and unicorn themes into their dishes, Strip House is keeping it classy. 24 layers of class to be precise.

Most people visit Strip House to indulge in prime cuts of steak in their Downtown and Midtown locations. One might even say their meat dishes are legendary, leading the establishment to be named a top steakhouse by Zagat and awarded four stars by Forbes. But Strip House has a secret in plain sight, a 24 layered chocolate cake that wows everyone that tries it.

Alternating layers of chocolate cake and smooth custardy chocolate filling (the secret to keeping the cake together) topped off with a layer of semisweet French chocolate ganache.

If you’re a fan of chocolate cake don’t waste any time in heading to their Greenwich Village (13 East 12th Street, New York) or Midtown (15 West 44th Street, New York) locations to have a taste. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out this Food Network video for a little more insight into this dreamy dessert:

Featured image source [Strip House]

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