NY Transit Is Set To Receive Billions In Funding Thanks To New Infrastructure Bill

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

NY Transit Is Set To Receive Billions In Funding Thanks To New Infrastructure Bill
The $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, which President Biden is expected to sign into law this week, includes (as reported by CNN ):
  • $110 billion for roads, bridges and major infrastructure projects
  • $40 billion for bridge repair, replacement and rehabilitation
  • $16 billion for major projects
  • $11 billion for transportation safety
  • $1 billion to reconnect communities divided by highways and other infrastructure
  • $39 billion to modernize public transit
  • $66 billion in passenger and freight rail
  •  $65 billion investment in improving the nation’s broadband infrastructure
  • $17 billion in port infrastructure and $25 billion in airports to address repair and maintenance backlogs
  • $7.5 billion for zero- and low-emission buses and ferries
  • $7.5 billion would go to building a nationwide network of plug-in electric vehicle chargers
  • $65 billion to rebuild the electric grid
  • $55 billion to upgrade water infrastructure, and $50 billion would go toward making the system more resilient
  • $21 billion to clean up Superfund and brownfield sites

So what does that mean for New York specifically?

According to PIX 11, about $11 billion will go to the MTA and $24 billion is expected to go to Amtrak and the Northeast Corridor.

Acting MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber said: “We are grateful to Senator Schumer and the entire New York delegation for their work to deliver an infrastructure bill that will bring billions of dollars to the MTA. The more than $10 billion we are expected to receive as part of this game-changing legislation will go toward vital capital projects and accelerate efforts to modernize mass transit in the region.”

And Amtrak CEO Bill Fynn said: “This bill will allow Amtrak to advance significant infrastructure and major station projects on the NEC, purchase new passenger rail equipment and develop new rail corridors, bringing passenger rail to more people across the nation.”

Senator Chuck Schumer has also detailed a more thorough spending plan for New York State on his website that also includes $294,682,575 in airport funding for JFK and $150,008,970 for La Guardia.

He also noted that is will help major transit projects move forward — from Penn Access (which will add direct Metro-North service from the Bronx, Westchester, and Connecticut to Penn Station and the west side of Manhattan), to completing Phase 2 of the Second Avenue Subway (which will “extend train service from the Second Avenue Subway’s northern terminus at the 96th Street station on the Upper East Side to East Harlem”). And, the Gateway Program, part of the Northeast Corridor that entails expanding and renovating the rail line between Newark, NJ and NYC.

Basically, the next five years will likely see some massive improvements in public transportation & facilities in NYC and across NY! Fingers crossed for more reliable subways…

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