NYC’s Reopening Date For Indoor Dining May Get Pushed Back

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NYC’s Reopening Date For Indoor Dining May Get Pushed Back

Last week we reported that NYC was on track to open indoor dining at 50% capacity as part of phase 3 on July 6…turns out we jinxed it.

According to today’s press conference (Monday, June 29), Mayor Bill de Blasio mentioned that reopening indoor dining across NYC as part of phase 3 is being reconsidered due to recent surge of new cases popping up across the country. Mayor de Blasio said, ““We are now going to reexamine the indoor dining rules for Phase 3,” but continued that “the rest of phase 3 is moving on pace for Monday, July 6.”

Governor Cuomo also made similar remarks today in his press briefing, but acknowledged that enforcement in the city is harder due to a “lack of compliance with social distancing, large congregations, [and] local government enforcement” along with “spread from other states.” He said, “one of the issues we’re working on in New York City, indoor dining has shown that it has been problematic. That a virus spreads in closed indoor areas that have A/C systems.” He continued to mention that outdoor dining has been going well and that the State will be reviewing data and speaking with business owners about the “risk and reward” of indoor dining, but “this is a real issue…we’re not going backwards, we’re going forward.”

Cuomo said that a decision will be made by Wednesday, July 1.

In other news: NYC beaches will officially open as of July 1.

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