Indoor Dining In NYC Is On Track To Begin July 6

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Indoor Dining In NYC Is On Track To Begin July 6

At 50% capacity, that is.

Mayor de Blasio just announced that NYC is on track to hit Phase 3 of reopening by Monday, July 6.

The main elements of Phase 3 are personal care (tattoo and piercing parlors, spas, nail salons, tanning salons, etc.) and food services (aka indoor dining at restaurants, eateries and bars).

Just like outdoor dining, here are the rules and regulations that must be followed:

  • Restaurants can only serve up to 50% of the space’s maximum capacity (not including employees)
  • Tables and seating must all be a minimum of six feet apart
  • If the above is not possible, physical barriers at least five feet high must be put in place
  • Employees must wear face coverings at all times (regardless of distance)
  • Customers must wear face coverings except when seated
  • There is a maximum of 10 people per table. They must be from the same party, but not necessarily from the same household.
  • Limit in-person gatherings as much as possible (aka staff meetings)
  • Restaurants must clearly signal 6 ft. spacing in any lines for customers waiting to order, pick-up food, be seated, or use the restroom, as well as in any pick-up or payment location.

You can read the additional recommended best practices here.

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