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NYC Is Now Asking All Grocery Stores To Require Customers To Wear Face Coverings

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

NYC Is Now Asking All Grocery Stores To Require Customers To Wear Face Coverings

In a press conference this morning, April 15, Mayor de Blasio said the city is asking that all grocery stores or supermarkets requires customers to wear face masks or they will not be let in.

He made it clear again that the highest grade face masks should be used by healthcare workers, but any face covering, including a bandana, scarf, or mask from a hardware store, for example, would need to be worn when entering a store.

“Those face coverings,” he said. “I want to see anyone who goes into a grocery store or supermarket to be wearing one of those. A huge percentage of New Yorkers are doing it already, based on the guidance we gave them previously, but if you go into a place as important and sensitive as a grocery store, just put on a face covering. Protect the workers there who are doing so much important work, and protect each other.”

He has asked every grocery store or supermarket to put up a sign in front saying “you are required to wear a face covering when entering the store.” He said every store has the right to¬†enforce that rule on its own premises and not allow people to enter until they have one on.

He said if they have issues with people refusing to comply, the NYPD will help. All they have to do is call 311 to get that help or get in contact with their local precinct.

“This is another thing that we have to do to protect each other.”

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