Governor Cuomo Says Alcohol From NYC Bars Can Be Ordered As ‘Take-Out’

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Governor Cuomo Says Alcohol From NYC Bars Can Be Ordered As ‘Take-Out’

Starting Tuesday, March 17, all restaurants and bars in NYC will be take-out only, and Governor Cuomo clarified: that means alcohol too!

As he announced in a press conference this afternoon, March 16:

“Any bar and restaurant will close at 8pm tonight, however there is a silver lining for these establishments because we’re also very aware of the economic consequences for these establishments,” he said. “The state liquor authority is going to change its rules—they’ll have guidance up by 8pm this evening—that will allow bars, restaurants and distilleries to sell their product, off-premises. So whatever you can order at the bar or restaurant or distillery or winery, you can purchase through take-out. We hope that goes a long way toward alleviating any economic hardship.”

It’s not something that is currently allowed, but the State Liquor Authority will be changing its rules to make it legal, and will only be allowed during this period of closures.

So, you’ll be able to enjoy a cocktail to-go! Finally some good news.

featured image source: Instagram / @copperjohnsnyc

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