These 10 NYC Coffee Shops Are Delivering Beans & Grounds So You Make Your Favorite Java At Home

Many coffee shops are shipping beans, grounds and gear!

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

These 10 NYC Coffee Shops Are Delivering Beans & Grounds So You Make Your Favorite Java At Home

Because we all still need our daily java.

Even though you’re not picking up coffee on your commute through the city anymore, most New Yorkers still need a piping hot cup of joe to jumpstart their day. And luckily, you can still enjoy a cup from your favorite neighborhood coffee shop.

Whether you want to try your hand at grinding your own beans and doing pour-over (if there was any time to become a coffee connoisseur, it would be now!), or just want to kick it with a can of cold brew, these NYC coffee shops have you covered.

1. Birch Coffee

If you’re missing your daily Birch coffee, you can still enjoy it at home! On their website, choose from a Coffee Home Brewing Kit (with coffee, filter, pout-over cup and access to a LIVE brewing class!), a Quarantine Survival Kit (a bag of freshly roasted coffee, you’ll get a quart of Oatly as well as a trusty roll of toilet paper), and a variety of freshly roasted grounds and beans. Plus you can even donate a coffee delivery to hospital workers!

2. Blue Bottle Coffee

If Blue Bottle is your fave, enjoy a wide array of different blends (we have our eyes on “Giant Steps” which has s’mores-like flavors!), plus you can even get a coffee subscription. They also have in-depth brew guides so you can learn how to make your coffee properly.

3. Cafe Grumpy

Order coffee in bulk from Cafe Grumpy (hey, you’ll probably need it all!), plus teas, cold brew, plus lots of fancy brewing supplies and quirky cups (that pigeon mug is everything). They also offer local pick-up & delivery in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area of Brooklyn from Monday-Thursday, 10am-3pm.

4. City of Saints

If you’re able to grind your own beans from home, consider buying from City of Saints. Fresh coffee is shipped from their roastery in Brooklyn every Tuesday, so place your order before 9am Monday to make sure it is roasted and included in the week’s shipment.

5. Coffee Project

Relive the Coffee Project “deconstructed coffee” at home with their whole bean coffee offerings, plus fun merch and brew gear. They also have “Daily Brew Parties” on Instagram where you can learn more about brewing and even get your hands on some of the cafe’s delicious pastry recipes!

6. Devoción

Devoción gets their beans directly from Bogota, Colombia. Order some here (they also have subscription options) and remember, there’s free shipping on all orders over $50.

7. Ground Support

This local cafe in SoHo may be closed, but you can still get their blends online. Order bags of coffee (their graphic design is top-notch), or get a gift card for the future.

8. Brooklyn Roasting Company

If Brooklyn Roasting Co is your shop of choice, order your favorite roasts online here. They also have some really great bundles like home brew pour over or French press kits, sampler packs and coffee comic books! Get free shipping on orders over $45 with coupon code “freeship.”

9. Stumptown

Get whole bean coffee, cold brew, mugs and more from Stumptown. You can even order a grinder if you don’t have one! They also have stellar brew guides online here.

10. Irving Farm

Though you can curl up in one of their cozy cafes, you can still get their coffee delivered at home! Dark roast lover? Try all three of their delicious dark roast blends: Blackstrap Espresso, Hudson Organic French Roast, and Gotham Dark Roast⁠!. Order here. They also have their signature mugs on sale so you can pretend you’re in the shop.

And if you have a hankering for bodega coffee…

featured image source: Instagram / @irvingfarm

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