You Can Now Order Delivery From Your Favorite Bodega Thanks To This New App

For anyone who's missing their bacon, egg & cheese

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You Can Now Order Delivery From Your Favorite Bodega Thanks To This New App

Coronavirus has done a lot to disrupt our daily life in NYC, and if stopping at your favorite neighborhood bodega is one of those routines you’re really missing, have no fear.

Thanks to a brand new app called My Bodega Online, you can get groceries or your favorite sandwiches in less than 15 minutes, for pre-order for pickup.

It was even created right here in NYC, in Washington Heights. Right now, there is no membership or app fee for users or the stores themselves. “My Bodega Online is creating the bodega of the future, with online ordering,” their website reads.

So if you’re grocery store hasn’t been restocking fast enough, don’t forget about your friendly neighborhood bodega. You can text or call the store and order anything from milk, soda, bread, cereal, detergent and more, and your message will go directly to the store manager or a “runner.” It will be ready for you to pick up in a few minutes, or they will deliver it right to your door (note that for delivery, currently you must pay in cash).

Right now it’s mainly operating in the Bronx, but more options will be added in the coming weeks through the rest of NYC. It is also available in Philadelphia and Jersey City.

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