NYC’s Blood Manor Is Bringing Your Darkest Nightmares To Life This Halloween

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NYC’s Blood Manor Is Bringing Your Darkest Nightmares To Life This Halloween

The terrifyingly great Blood Manor experience is back for another Halloween season to scare the life out of brave New Yorkers.

Blood Manor returns in their home in Tribeca with 10,000-square-feet of themed rooms, corridors, and a labyrinth of passageways that’ll play on your biggest fears. The manor will feature a host of frightful environments and all-new attractions in which beasts and demons will vie for your body—and your soulwith dozens of cutting-edge animatronics, scores of state-of-the-art props, and unnerving actors. The haunted experience is “designed to be the most intense, creepy and scream-inducing” event in the tri-state area—and it delivers. 

It’s a notoriously spine-chilling event that’s so frightening people have been known to relieve themselves as they make their way through “NYC’s Premier Haunted Attraction”. (Seriously! There’s even a shirt you get if you do!) 

Adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers are in for a night of pure, unadulterated horror when they visit. And with an average of 37 gallons of blood spilled each night, Blood Manor is bound to fulfill your darkest Halloween nightmares.

Of course, there are many new COVID-19 safety measures in place, including:

Plus, the Blood Manor owners also went above and beyond to make the experience even more safe, including a new ventilation system that moves 450 CFMS so the entire house has new, fresh germ-free air every 15 min, MERV 13 air filters, UV C lights installed in the air ducts that kills all bacteria and airborne viruses, and more.

Oh, and the historic Tribeca building itself has its own terrifying stories. Pioneering photographer Matthew Brady photographed some of the country’s most famous (and infamous) people there in the 1850s, along with war soldiers…and when he developed the film on the third floor, every photo came out with apparitions floating above the subject’s head, and those who were closer to the lens appeared with full black eyes. Over the years, other tenants of the building have said they could hear the faint snapping of a photograph, screaming from young men, and other hauntings, and some that even resulted in mysterious death and accidents.

With only a limited time available for the blood curdling experience, tickets for Blood Manor are selling out quickly; so be sure to lock down your tickets here soon!

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