NY, NJ & Chicago Are Currently In A Twitter Fight About National Pizza Day

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

NY, NJ & Chicago Are Currently In A Twitter Fight About National Pizza Day

ICYMI, today (Feb. 9) is National Pizza Day!

And while normally these “national” days feels pretty superfluous (who invents them anyway???), it at least gives the opportunity for bragging rights, which three states all claiming to have the best pizza had to do in a giant Twitter war today.

Of course, the only true winner is New York, but Chicago and New Jersey tried to shoot their shot!

It all started when Chicago claimed to be the the “Pizza Capital of the World” on National Pizza Day…

They tagged New Jersey, seemingly as a callback to the state’s declaration last year on National Pizza Day, who had quite the comeback:

While New York came up with its own wood-fired oven BURN:


Of course Governor Cuomo had to jump in:

And New Jersey had to come back with a full powerpoint presentation on the subject:

Anddd the battle continues:

New Jersey and Chicago, please just sit DOWN. We’re not only the #1 city for pizza addicts according to recent studies (which were based on metrics including the amount of pizzerias in each city per 100,000 residents, the average cost of a pizza, Instagram popularity of pizza businesses, and more!), anyone who lives here or has even visited here knows it’s the best.

There’s a reason the New York slice is sacred!

featured image source: Unsplash

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