Cuomo Announces NY Sports Arenas & Concert Venues Can Reopen This Month

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Cuomo Announces NY Sports Arenas & Concert Venues Can Reopen This Month

NYC is getting more and more “back to normal” every day, and we’ve hit another milestone with Governor Cuomo’s new announcement.

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, giant sports arenas and concert venues can reopen for events, starting Tuesday, February 23, following a set of strict state guidelines.

Cuomo cited the recent Buffalo Bills game that he called an “unparalleled success” in his announcement today (Feb. 10), saying the state wants to mimic that model elsewhere. The demonstration in question involved testing all 7,000 attendees of a recent football game, with contract tracing happening after the game as well, to ensure a safe large-scale event in pandemic times.

Any large stadium or arena, including sports, concerts, etc. can open on February 23, with their safety plan approved by the State Department of Health first.

One that has already been approved is Brooklyn’s own Barclays Center, which will reopen on Feb. 23 for the Brooklyn Nets vs. Sacramento Kings game (Note: Mayor de Blasio also announced today that he hoped to make the Barclays Center a mass vaccination site, so time will tell what will happen in that space).

Some other requirements include:

  • 10% capacity limit in arenas & stadiums with over 10,000 person capacity
  • Everyone attending must receive a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the vent
  • Face coverings, social distancing, and temperature checks are required
  • There will be assigned, socially distanced seating

“This hits the balance of safe reopening,” he said. “And again, a PCR is as safe as you can get.”

featured image source: Facebook / Barclays Center

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