New York State Beaches Will Open Memorial Day Weekend At 50% Capacity

It appears that city-run beaches in NYC will remain closed, for now

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New York State Beaches Will Open Memorial Day Weekend At 50% Capacity

Governor Cuomo announced today in his press conference that New York State beaches will reopen on May 22 at 50 percent capacity.

He said he was coordinating with surrounding states — New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware — to open all state beaches (including beaches inside State Parks) beginning Memorial Day Weekend. This comes after yesterday’s announcement by New Jersey Governor Murphy that the Jersey Shore beaches will be reopening then.

Cuomo said that beaches will be at 50% capacity (which they will control from entrances and exits and limited parking), and masks will be required when social distancing is not possible. Staff will enforce these measures. The following are still prohibited:

  • Group contact activities, including sports
  • Area of social gathering (picnic tables, playgrounds, etc.)
  • Concessions

He left city, town and county beaches up to local government, saying they may open as well on Friday of Memorial Day weekend, “as long as they fully enforce the minimum rules.” They may also “impose additional conditions.” If local governments don’t enforce the rules, the beaches will be closed.

But so far, according to Mayor De Blasio’s repeated statements at press conferences, it does not seem like NYC beaches will be among those opening. Even at his briefing this morning, May 15 (which occurred before Cuomo’s announcement), he said “as for beaches, we’re just not ready.”

Still, they must notify the public if they will be opening Memorial Day by Wednesday, May 20, so we will find out for sure by then.

This story is still developing and will be updated when more information is clear.

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