NYC Beaches Will Officially Not Open On Memorial Day Weekend This Year

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

NYC Beaches Will Officially Not Open On Memorial Day Weekend This Year

It may not be until next summer that we’re all headed out for an NYC beach day.

While there were previously rumored reports that NYC public beaches may never open this year due to fears of overcrowding, now it is pretty much guaranteed—at least at their usual opening time.

Though the Mayor said they are “keeping the option open,” he confirmed today (May 4) that NYC beaches will not be opening over Memorial Day Weekend (May 23-25), when they usually do each year.

“Beaches traditionally don’t open until Memorial Day, and as everyone knows, they will not be opening on Memorial Day and will not be opening any time soon,” he said in regards to a reporter’s question about a “summer plan” for NYC. “But we’re certainly going to keep the option, depending on how well we do, for options later on in the year.”

In regards to how the city will keep residents safe and children cared for throughout the summer, the Mayor said they would be issuing a summer plan “soon.”

“Beaches that are not open still require enforcement, clearly,” he said. “So those parameters will be put out and then we’ll watch to see how things evolve to see if we can do something different as things get better.”

He had previously announced that NYC public pools will officially remain closed, and that New Yorkers should “lower expectations” about the summer season.

featured image source: Photo by who?du!nelson on Unsplash

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