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New Street Art Pops Up In Chinatown and Brooklyn

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

New Street Art Pops Up In Chinatown and Brooklyn
First Banksy was back and now, Spanish street artist, PEJAC has taken over two walls in Brooklyn and Chinatown, making a statement about human interaction with nature.

According to his website, PEJAC’s goal is to “spread his concerns about the human relationship with nature through two new public interventions in Bushwick and Chinatown. Due to city’s size, density, public transportation infrastructure, and location, The Big Apple has been battling major environmental issues over the years, mirroring the problems of modern civilization worldwide.”

In the two installations, which are located at 27 Scott Ave. Brooklyn (FOSSIL) and
2 Henry St, New York (INNER STRENGTH), the artist makes a clear commentary about the strength of nature in urban areas and the reciprocal relationship we as humans have with it. They are both now finished and are available to see from the street.

photo: juxtapoz.com
photo: juxtapoz.com

The first piece, Fossil, is an effective illusion created on a ordinary brick wall in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

photo: juxtapoz.com
photo: juxtapoz.com

The second piece, Inner Power, “is an empowering piece portraying another hypothetical future in which nature breaks the barriers imposed by the hand of man, recovering the lost ground along the way.”


These works make an interesting commentary on the state of our city, our world and how nature plays a part in it. Will PEJAC rise to the level of fame as Banksy?

Featured image: juxtapoz.com