This New North Face Store In Brooklyn Is Re-Shaping Retail For Millennials

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

This New North Face Store In Brooklyn Is Re-Shaping Retail For Millennials
Retail is taking a new turn. First Saks, then Nike, and now, The North Face is embracing the new trend in retail tactics in their newest, Williamsburg location.

Traditional retail has taken a beating over the past few years which has driven companies (from clothing, to department stores, to beauty and tech brands) to embrace all types of tactics to keep customers walking through the door. A more personalized based approach seems to be winning out, with retailers focusing heavily on Instagramable experiences in store. Most recently, The North Face has embraced this experimental “retail lab,” at their newest outpost in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Execs are using the new location to focus on elevating the customer experience with the brand through engaging with the community through special events, and offering special edition curated merchandise.

photo: hypebeast.com
photo: hypebeast.com

According to Mark Parker, The North Face’s Vice President of direct to consumer, the store is “curated, personalized and fluid, meaning it won’t look the same way from one month to the next.” This is similar to the experience at the six floor Nike flagship that just opened in Manhattan. More and more, customers are looking for brands to tailor to their needs rather than vice versa and this new retail prototype seems to be doing just that.

In addition to all that outdoor gear, you can expect live musical performances, special events and perks for brand loyalists which they post about on their Instagram account.


What do you think about the Instagramable retail experience, and have you been to the new North Face outpost?