This New Jersey Squirrel Hates Christmas More Than You Do

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This New Jersey Squirrel Hates Christmas More Than You Do
A squirrel, (maybe one of our rabid ones in Prospect Park) has been vandalizing holiday decorations prompting the police to make a statement. This little guy thinks New Jersey sucks more than you do.

We’ve seen our fair share of mean rodents lately. From rats fighting over pizza on the subway to squirrels attacking people in Central Park. Thankfully, the city’s fluffier residents are taking the holidays off and leaving to their Neighbors in New Jersey to cause havoc.

Every year the borough of Sea Girt, inNew Jersey, holds a popular tree lighting ceremony. Until this year. Event officials found wires to Christmas display lights had been severed, by what they thought to be vandals. The police were called and the wires repaired ahead of their Friday lighting ceremony. Police kept a close eye on the decorations to catch the culprit… spoiler… they did.

After the tree lighting ceremony, on Saturday morning, Sea Girt Police‏ announced they had caught the perpetrator in the act on Saturday morning. They released a photo of the hooligan… here it is:

twitter Gert Police Dept

Yeah, it is a young vandal, just not a human one. Sea Girt Police‏ had this to say:

The SGPD is proud to report that the case of our broken holiday lights has been solved. We are happy that no human acted as a grinch in this incident. The squirrel was” charged ” with criminal mischief & released on bail

Here’s the full “Press Release” with pictures:

Whether the perp’ was related to our violent Prospect Park squirrel gang is not yet known.

 Featured image source [Max Pixel]

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