There’s a Rabid Squirrel Running Wild in Prospect Park

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There’s a Rabid Squirrel Running Wild in Prospect Park

City officials warned the public to be on the lookout for a rabid squirrel in prospect park on Friday. The furry fury has already been confirmed to have bitten five people, here’s everything you need to know.

Man versus nature, it’s a tale as old as time. Although far from the story from a big budget Hollywood movie, this tale involves one squirrel versus every human in Prospect park. Think Kill Bill, where the bride is 11 inches tall, and you are Bill.

New York City Department of Health warned the public of a potentially rabid squirrel that has been biting people in Prospect Park, near Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue entrance, this month. The worst of the attacks are said to have taken place between July 18th and July 20th and the Department of Health are urging anyone who has been attacked by the critter since July 10th to seek treatment for rabies.

Aggressive Squirrel from nyc

What IS unusual in the case of this animal is the amount of media coverage the lil’ guy has gotten. He has been featured on everything from TV news to countless blogs, just like this one. Maybe because the idea of a rabid squirrel is amusing, the dichotomy that is, like a zen lion. In our case, the real news here is how rabies has hit the biggest city on earth after nearly 15 years.

Rabies monitoring began in 1992 in New York, and this would be the first rabid squirrel found in the state since then. If the squirrel in question is rabid, a conclusion officials would reach based on the animals aggressive behavior, in all likelihood, the animal is already dead. Maybe, just maybe, the squirrel is just embracing his New Yorker status and he’s just pissed at the world in general… at this point it looks like we may never know.


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