There Was An Earthquake In NJ This Morning, & It Was Felt From NYC

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There Was An Earthquake In NJ This Morning, & It Was Felt From NYC

We had our fair share of tornado warnings this year, plus a crazy tropical storm, and now the tri-state area is getting…earthquakes?

That’s right, according to the United States Geological Survey, a 3.1-magnitude earthquake was confirmed off the New Jersey coast this morning. It did not cause any damages or injuries.

Even though it was small compared to West Coast tremors, it was felt all over, as far as Philly and even here in NYC!


It would have been in the wee hours of the morning, around 2am.

The quake happened closest to East Freehold, about an hour outside of the city, and USGS geophysicist Robert Sanders told NBC News that an earthquake in the area is “relatively uncommon” and it will be a little before analysts can tell if there is a specific fault line in the area that caused it. Apparently there was another 3.1 earthquake recorded in the area 1992, and a 3.5 earthquake in 1979.

One of the worst in history in the area occurred all the way back in 1884…and it was a 5.5 magnitude. Apparently, since it has been so long, the NJ Department of Environmental Protection says that “Data for the smaller–intensity quakes implies a return period of 100 years or less, and suggests New Jersey is overdue for a moderate earthquake like the one of 1884.” And though the Ramapo Fault was initially blamed, the earthquake’s epicenter ended up being right in Brooklyn, NY.

Here’s hoping 2020 doesn’t keep coming for us…

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