Isaias Blasts NYC With Damaging Winds, Leaving 200K People Without Power

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Isaias Blasts NYC With Damaging Winds, Leaving 200K People Without Power

Tropical Storm Isaias has barreled through NYC, and left quite a lot of damage in its wake.

Though most of the storm has subsided as of now, powerful winds are still blowing through the area.

According to CNN, wind gusts recorded out at JFK airport today were 70 mph, higher than the 69 mph winds recorded during Superstorm Sandy in 2012. The outlet’s meteorologist pointed out those speeds pose a notable risk to the city’s tallest skyscrapers, since wind speeds increase with altitude.

The intense winds also caused trees and branches to fall down across the city, along with street flooding and many power outages.

It got so bad that outdoor subway service was suspended, along with all LIRR service, due to trees and debris falling on the tracks.

And according to Con Ed, the storm has caused 257,00 customers (including NYC & Westchester) to lose service. This is due to the high winds knocking trees and branches into power lines. They remind all New Yorkers to stay away from downed power lines as they work to restore power.

Sadly it was also reported that a Queens resident was killed when a tree fell on the car they were sitting in.

Weather predictions & storm threats heightened over the past day or so, as an “Tropical Storm Warning” quickly moved to an “Enhanced Risk” Tornado Watch in NYC only just this morning.

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