Miss the Old Kosciuszko Bridge Being Blown Up? Watch it Here

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Miss the Old Kosciuszko Bridge Being Blown Up? Watch it Here

They blew up the old Kosciuszko Bridge way too early for you to see it. Don’t worry, we have drone footage so you can revel in the destruction from the comfort of your cellphone screen. 

Early Sunday morning a few lucky New Yorkers, namely the ones that won a lottery organized by the Governor’s office, got to see the old Kosciuszko Bridge being destroyed from close up. The rest of us either slept through it or saw a few plumes of smoke from far away. Governor Cuomo and state officials blew up the rest of the bridge that had been connecting Brooklyn and Queens since 1939, the governor himself saying:

“The Kosciuszko Bridge had to be replaced, […] I think there’s been traffic on that bridge and a bottleneck since the day it was built.”

The demolition had been on the cards for many years and the main span of the bridge had been removed early this year, of course, it’s was dismantled rather than blown up, so it didn’t garner much attention from the media.

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…but you aren’t here to read us wax lyrical about the “end of an era,” or how it had a 68-year run, or even to read us extoll the virtues of the NEW Kosciuszko Bridge. No, you’re here to watch something getting blown up! So, here it is:


Featured image source [YouTube]

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