How To Watch Old Kosciuszko Bridge Get Blown Up This Month

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This month will see the destruction of Old Kosciuszko Bridge. The bridge connecting Brooklyn to Queens will meet its demise, early in the morning, here are all the details so you don’t miss it.

And now, the end is near, and so it faces the final curtain… We’re sure Frank Sinatra wasn’t singing about Kosciuszko Bridge, but never the less, it’s getting destroyed and we’re here to give you all the details so you don’t miss the explosion.

Kosciuszko Bridge has stood since 1939 connecting Brooklyn and Queens, and at 5 am on September 24 it will be destroyed in a controlled demolition.

At 5 am… on a Sunday morning …good luck with that sleep-in, New York City. That’s the biggest “F.U.” to your Sunday morning hangover since you found out Seamless don’t deliver Asprin.

Regardless of what state you wake up in on Sunday Morning, we’re sure some of you will want to watch the bridge come down. Sadly, the roads will be closed around the bridge, so how do we get to see the destruction? Thankfully, Newtown Creek Alliance created a handy map for people who want to watch the action go down live.


The central span of the Old Kosciuszko Bridge came down in July, (the above map was originally created for people who wanted to watch that) but the destruction of the Queens and Brooklyn approaches was delayed until this month. ; even the September 24 date is subject to change, depending on what happens with the weather and other factors that day. (Will urban explorers get up there for another party, though?)

Now, before you roll up with your giant-foam-pointing-fingers and we-heart-controlled-demolition t-shirts, bear in mind that the September 24 date is subject to change. The date depends heavily on the weather and other factors that day. We’ll keep you posted if there are any new developments.

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