The Met Breuer On The UES Is Permanently Closing

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The Met Breuer On The UES Is Permanently Closing

The contemporary sister museum of the Metropolitan Museum of Art will not be reopening this summer.

ArtNet reported the news earlier this week, confirming in an email exchange with a Met representative that the Upper East Side outpost museum, the Met Breuer, will not open again, even after the NYC lockdown is lifted.

Instead, the building will be taken over by The Frick Museum, to house its collection while its 19th century mansion on Fifth Ave undergoes a massive renovation.

According to ArtNet, the agreement with the Frick has been in the works for some time. In 2018, they agreed that the Frick would temporarily take over the space, which would also help them get out of their eight-year lease of the space three years early. It will reportedly save the Met $45 million. 

The Met Breuer opened in 2016 on Madison Avenue and 75th St. on the Upper East Side, and showcases the Met’s modern and contemporary exhibits. One of its main highlights this year was an exhibition exploring the works of legendary painter and photographer Gerhard Richter, which sadly was only open for a total of nine days before the city shut down.

The Met museums (Museum of Art, Met Breuer, and the Met Cloisters) closed on March 13, some of the first museums in the city. The Museum is also known to be experiencing severe financial troubles during this time, like many art institutions.

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featured image source: Metmuseum.org

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