The Louvre Museum Just Put Almost 500K Pieces Of Art Online For Free

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The Louvre Museum Just Put Almost 500K Pieces Of Art Online For Free

Missing the art galleries? How about a virtual wander round the Louvre?

If you haven’t had a chance to visit New York’s recently opened museums yet (or are not feeling entirely comfortable indoors), Paris‘s famous Louvre Museum invites you to escape, unveiling a new online gallery featuring nearly 500,000 works from its collections!

It makes for a fascinating virtual (and free!) stroll, even as the museum patiently awaits its reopening. Plus, it gives us the chance to immerse ourselves in the heart of the Louvre, without needing to brave the lines.

The world’s most popular museum had thus far resisted putting its collections online, but with France heading back into lockdown, it’s a good opportunity for art lovers in France and beyond to explore online. Now, not only does the Louvre have a shiny new website, but it’s also got Louvre Collections, the database which now contains some 482,000 pieces from their storied collection.

Works from the Louvre Museum and the Eugène Delacroix National Museum are contained here, in a veritable cultural treasure trove. The database is being added to daily, and is the product of plenty of research and documentation work carried out by the scientific staff of the two museums. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, jewelry, and furniture are all contained within, so if you were looking to spend a lazy weekend exploring masterpieces from throughout history, this is your chance!

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