Lorde Has Just Teased Something Big In NYC On Thursday

Fernando Fernando

Lorde Has Just Teased Something Big In NYC On Thursday

Everything Lorde does is unexpected and mysterious.  Her single “Royals,” and her EP “Pure Heroine,” became an international sensation that could be heard everywhere from Brooklyn to Berlin.  The single was definitely a dance-floor banger, but Lorde’s magnetic voice sung deeper lyrics that the usual “shake ya booty” bass-heavy affair. But for some reason, after make such huge waves on the scene, Lorde disappeared. It’s now been four years since the debut of her LP. Then suddenly and out of the blue (Lorde’s M.O.), a cryptic video on a site called imwaitingforit.com puzzled all New Yorkers. The short video shows Lorde sipping some soda, while a brief piano riff plays, and then in white letters: “3.2.17 NYC.” We have no idea what Lorde has in store for us…

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Is it a pop-up store? Is it a new LP? Is it a collaboration with McDonald’s? Is she the newest member of Flight of the Conchords? We have no clue. So here’s our proposition. Listen to the Lorde single below, and while you vibe to it, leave us a comment with your theory about what Lorde is bringing to New York!

Featured image source [Flickr | Annette Geneva]

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