IV Drip Therapy Is New York City’s Hottest New Health Craze

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

IV Drip Therapy Is New York City’s Hottest New Health Craze
When did health and wellness become so trendy? While we can’t exactly put a date to the surge in the popularity of all types of elective health boosts popping up around NYC, they sure have hit the ground running. In addition to all the CBD boosts, trendy spas and health food markets, the newest craze to hit NYC has got to be elective IV Vitamin Drips.

Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Adele, and Chris Brown have helped normalize the craze of elective wellness procedures over the past few years, posting on their Instagram and social media accounts all types of pro-procedure propaganda (see below). If you feel like joining the ranks of the celebrity elite in your quest for a hangover cure, a beauty boost, or if you’re simply hoping to dope up on Vitamin C, you’re now in luck! New York is full of these deals so if you’re curious, get your ticket to this special IV offer and reap the benefits.

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Enjoy visible beauty boosts and huge health benefits in less than one hour with one of the drips from Modrn Sanctuary. They specialize in a range of IV drip options and vitamin treatments that will get your body and mind back to 110%. These treatments can help alleviate fatigue, dehydration, and even resolve those awful hangovers.

With your ticket, you have the option between various health options;

Vigor & Energy: great for jet lag recovery, chronic fatigue and as a general energy boost! Also great for those working long office hours.

Immunity: Immunity will shorten the life of your cold and prevent you from getting worse. A favorite drip to help you recover faster… for severe congestion, migraine or other symptoms of the flu, we can include medications such as Toradol to help with the symptoms.

Calming: Better than a chill-pill. This drip controls anxiety levels, fights adrenal fatigue, and relaxes the body and muscles resulting in better sleep and a happier you.

Detox: rough weekend or month? Start that diet with a detox drip or just shake off some of the city. Cleanse, replenish and recharge!

Hangover: One of the most effective IV Drips, the Hangover Helper does more than help – it eliminates your Hangover. Use to remedy nausea, headache, fatigue or all three!

Glow: the beauty IV is amazing for a healthy skin glow, strengthening hair and nail health. Most commonly people request this IV to improve their complexion creating a youthful glow. Many clients have reported that this IV has helped them slow down hair loss.

The contents of the drips vary depending on the aim, but many contain magnesium, vitamin C, calcium and B vitamins. The idea is that by delivering a high concentration of vitamins and minerals directly to the bloodstream, the body can reap their benefits more effectively than by popping pills, which are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract in a less efficient manner.

According to Dr. Maurice Beer, the internal medicine physician who co-founded and directs The Hangover Club and NutriDrip in New York City, “what you put in your body controls how your cells function at the cellular level, and when your cells are working properly, your organs are working properly, and when your organs are working properly and optimally, your overall health improves. In most cases, people just feel better – their energy improves, they sleep better and just feel lighter.”

Have you tried a Vitamin drip? Would you? If you’re looking to start out, you can check out this deal. Just make sure you call ahead to make your reservation!

Featured image: drniemann.co

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