Your Go To List For All Things CBD Infused In New York City

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Your Go To List For All Things CBD Infused In New York City
Have you tried the newest food craze of CBD infused products? If not, now’s your chance- we’ve complied a list of a few of the places you should check out in the city for all those relaxing/foodie/marijuana infused cravings.
Flower Power Coffee

Located in Glendale, Queens, Flower Power Coffee is the perfect quirky coffee shop/florist for all your CBD needs.


Clean Market

Clean Market isn’t your typical coffee shop- they specialize in health food products and are dedicated 100% to wellness. If you’re looking for something new to try, why not take a sip out of one of their delicious smoothies, and add a CBD shot for $2.

clean market
clean market
Caffeine Underground

Caffeine Underground was ahead of the game with CBD infused coffee. The popular Brooklyn hang out spot serves Flower Power brand coffee- the CBD-infused grounds come in individual packets which the baristas then use to create your order.

cbd caffine underground

Harvey at the Williamsburg Hotel

Alcohol and CBD? The new cocktail menu at Harvey features the “If You Like Pina Colada” drink which is rice whiskey mixed with CBD-infused Singani 63, coconut juice and pineapple juice. Feeling chill yet?

@wburghotel via Instagram
@wburghotel via Instagram

What’s more underground than a bar where you can’t even take pictures? At Peachy’s, you can try their soothing Jade Fizz with moringa powder, yuzu oil and CBD will put you right to sleep after a long night on the town.

The James New York

The James has taken CBD to the next level, offering a full menu of unique CBD-infused dishes exclusively curated by famed cannabis chef Andrea Drummer. The tasting menu includes things like CBD spicy meatballs to ice cream sundaes. Weird or totally lux?


Featured image: @clean.market via Instagram

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