What You Need To Know About Outdoor Dining Rules In NYC

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What You Need To Know About Outdoor Dining Rules In NYC

Now that outdoor dining has been allowed for phase 2 of reopening, which NYC is currently set to reach this Monday, June 22, what can you expect?

Restaurants and bars were initially set to open in phase 3, but after hearing from business owners and local officials, Governor Cuomo moved the outdoor portion to phase 2. And, after much speculation, Mayor de Blasio confirmed at his press conference this morning that NYC would indeed be reaching phase two on Monday.

But, of course, this isn’t just “back to normal.” There are many safety regulations that come along with the allowance.

You can read the full list of guidelines here, but we’ve pulled out some of the main takeaways so you can know what to expect, only a few days away!

  • What qualifies as “outdoor space” is “an open air space without a fixed roof (besides a temporary or seasonal awning or cover)”
  • All tables must be at least six feet apart from other tables, seats, patrons, or pedestrian corridors
  • Capacity must be based on how many tables are possible to have while maintaining six feet of distance
  • If six feet of distance is not possible, you must enact physical barriers at least five feet high between tables
  • Bar seating can be open, as long as proper distance is maintained
  • There must be six feet between workers at all times (unless the activity requires closer distance like cooking or clearing tables)
  • Employees must wear face coverings at all times
  • Patrons must wear face coverings at all times, except when seated
  • Cloth face coverings and disposable masks are acceptable
  • There must be enough space indoors for social distancing as well, in case patrons need to use the bathroom or pay their bill indoors
  • There is a maximum of 10 people per table. They must be from the same party, but not necessarily from the same household

Here’s what some other cities that started outdoor dining are looking like, so you can get an idea of what NYC has in store:


Even looks like some NYC restaurants are getting prepared early:

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