10 Most Heartwarming Things That Happened During Voting In NYC

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10 Most Heartwarming Things That Happened During Voting In NYC

As New Yorkers (and Americans) anxiously await Presidential Election results, we thought it might be nice to reflect on all the heartwarming things that happened during at the polls in NYC this year.

Some were on Election Day yesterday, others happened during Early Voting last week, but all are some feel-good stories you probably need to remember right about now:

1. Paul Rudd Handed Out Cookies

During early voting on Thursday, October 29, none other than beloved actor Paul Rudd was spotted at the Barclays Center bringing cookies to voter waiting on line in the rain! “I want to thank you for coming out and voting and doing your part,” he said in videos captured on Twitter. As if he wasn’t already everyone’s favorite actor!

2. Patti Smith Gave an Impromptu Performance 

Shared by Joy to the Polls, a non-partisan movement to bring joy to the polls and make voting a celebration, rock legend Patti Smith sang her 1988 song “People Have the Power” to voters on Sixth Avenue for voters. She ended with, “Don’t forget it. Use your voice. Vote!”

3. The Met Opera Orchestra Played A Beautiful Rendition ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee’ For Voters

On Election Day yesterday, members of the Met Opera Orchestra were seen giving breathtaking musical performance to voters near Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side. So soothing!

4. This Marching Band Got Brooklyn Voters Hyped

The Brooklyn United Marching Band, a community-based organization that serves young people throughout NYC, was out cheering Brooklyn voters on yesterday evening. They would ask passers by if they voted, and when they said “yes,” they would fully cheer for them! Definitely felt like a celebration.

5. NYC Poll Workers had the Sweetest Stories

We loved catching stories from poll workers on Twitter:

6-7. Organizations Brought Out Free Food

Chef Jose Andres’s organization, World Central Kitchen turned up to feed polling sites in NYC and around the country while they waited to due their civic duty.

Pizza to the Polls was another, which would send food trucks to voters on long lines and was seen in Downtown Brooklyn:

8. The City Was Lit Up in Red, White & Blue

The Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center both showed their patriotic colors on Election Night, lighting up the NYC skies in red, white and blue!

9. The Bronx’s Ritchie Torres Will be the First Openly Gay Afro Latino Elected to Congress 

Facebook / Ritchie Torres

A win for representation! This race was called earlier in the night on Election Day. Read more about him and the race for NY-15 here.

10. Record Turnout of Over 1 Million New Yorkers Showed Up for Early Voting


The first time Early Voting was allowed in NYC was a huge success, with over 100,000 voters turning up nearly every day and 1,119,056 coming in total. Read more here. 

featured image source: Twitter / @BarclaysCenter

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