A Brooklyn Cafe Is Serving Marijuana-Infused Coffee And It’s Totally Legal

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caffeine underground 2 portada
Caffeine Underground is more than just your typical neighborhood coffee shop. Serving coffees, teas, sandwiches and snacks, this discreet hangout in Bushwick is now the only coffee shop in NYC to serve coffee infused with Cannabidiol or, CBD, one of the main components of marijuana.

According to the Bushwick Daily, Caffeine Underground is now serving Flower Power Coffee. The CBD-infused grounds come in individual packets which the baristas then use to create your order. Unlike it’s chemical compound counterpart THC, CBD has a low psychoactive effect and is not mind-altering. CBD does however have many health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties and it provides stress and pain relief.

In addition to all this, Caffeine Underground is a great hang out spot. They have free WiFi, nice ambiance and even rotating art installations. Owner Ian Ford, a long time NYC DJ opened the shop with the intention of establishing a “peaceful retreat and place to enjoy good music, coffee and conversation.” The shop features different events like open mic nights, dance parties and gallery openings. Stop by and check it out!

Featured image: caffeineunderground.com