Here Are 5 Getaways From NYC That Are Perfect For A Group

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Here Are 5 Getaways From NYC That Are Perfect For A Group

Most New Yorkers have a secret for surviving in the city for so long: getting out of it every once in a while! 

Luckily, a change of scenery is never too far away. A day or weekend trip with your city family is the perfect antidote to the daily hustle and bustle of living here. And though group travel usually seems like more hassle than it’s worth (everyone buying their tickets, trekking onto the subway with loads of bags, etc.), these suggestions take the drama out of traveling so you can just focus on having a great time.

Here are the best (and easiest!) group trips you can take directly from the city, including the most convenient ways to get to your destination.

1. Philadelphia

Philly is an awesome weekend trip since it’s only about two hours away from NYC, and there’s a little something for everyone there. History buffs can enjoy the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Congress Hall. For art enthusiasts, try the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Mutter Museum or the Rodin Museum. 

Plus, nowadays there’s a fantastic beer scene in the city. If you book a minibus through GOGO Charters (which can fit up to 35 people), you can have your driver take you on a brewery crawl from Victory to Sly Fox to Tired Hands to Forest & Main. The buses in their network are outfitted with optional amenities like reclining seats, TVs, restrooms, air-conditioning and more, so you’ll be riding in comfort in between brews.

2. A.C./D.C.

These two cities have very different vibes, but National Charter Bus travels to both, so you and your crew can ride in style whichever destination you choose. If there’s an occasion to celebrate, Atlantic City, New Jersey is the ideal choice. From casinos to bars to strolling along the Steel Pier, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

On the other end of the spectrum is Washington, D.C., where your group can see national monuments, indulge in delicious cuisine, and, if it’s spring, see the cherry blossoms bloom!

For either, you can choose the specific features most important to you in the bus you book.

3. Vineyard Country on Long Island

Heading out on a Long Island winery tour is the perfect day trip. Head either to the Hamptons or to the North Fork for a boozy escape. With Ally Charter Bus, you can request WiFi and power outlets so you’ll be able to take plenty of pictures in the vineyards and post them on the way backplus there’s always ample legroom, unlike on the Long Island Rail Road!

4. Albany

How long have you lived in New York without ever going to its capital? In Albany, there’s a museum dedicated to New York State, the historic Palace Theater with first-rate shows (named after the same theater in NYC), and a booming food scene with choices like steakhouse Angelo’s 677 Prime, American tapas spot The Hollow Bar + Kitchen, and Indonesian restaurant Yono’s. Book either a minibus or a full-sized bus with New York Charter Bus Company for a quick trip upstate. 

5. Staycation

If you want to get “out” of the city, without actually leaving it, that’s possible too! New York is so large with so much to do that you can have a staycation that feels much more like you’re on a getaway. Why not create a tour of hotspots from your favorite New York-based TV shows and movies? Easy Charter Bus can help you do that. Or, try heading to the outer boroughs, which are way harder to get to via public transportation. Maybe head to Flushing, Queens for the best Chinese food? Or the magical Cloisters in the Bronx, followed by dinner in “Little Italy in the Bronx?” Anything’s possible!

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