If Game Of Thrones Was Set In NYC

Fernando Fernando

If Game Of Thrones Was Set In NYC

New York City can be savage. People are always trying to climb to the top, tons of backstabbing, tons of wild raucous parties…. Does this remind of a TV show? Living and working in NYC can feel like Game of Thrones, but what if GoT was actually set in the city? GoT meets NYC.  Curious about what might go down?

White walkers would travel by subway. And by the time they got anywhere, winter would have come, and gone.

game of thrones white walker season 6 fight episode 6


Yeah, good luck getting a couple of dragons through pest control

Game of Thrones dragon emilia clarke daenerys targaryen khaleesi

The kingdom of Rats would be a whole ‘nother faction

WNYC nyc waiting subway riding

Tinder would get REALLY weird


The Iron Islands Fleet would put the Staten Island Ferry out of business. Quick.

Titan of Bravos: weird creep that wants you to get between his legs

Lady of Liberty? LIBERTY!

Thinking about invading someplace? Get ready for some NY attitude

new york carey mulligan vogue far from the madding crowd

Fighting Pits would take place in Yankee Stadium, which would go something like this:

“My queen, we fight today for honor and glor….”


“are you serious right now?”

Finally comfy and asleep… OOPS SUDDEN LOUD NOISE!!

game of thrones jon snow wake up alive awake

“I will build a great wall — and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me –and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall”- Alliser Thorne

Game of Thrones hbo the watchers on the wall castle black alliser thorne

Melissandre would have a hard time converting New Yorkers to the lord of the light

golden girls door slam bea arthur

This guy would pretty much pass by unnoticed with all the other NYC creeps

Game of Thrones white walkers hbo

Forget Daenerys. We’ve got 1 dollar pizza.

game of thrones other and pizza