Free Joints Are Being Given Out To Vaccinated New Yorkers For 4/20 Today

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Free Joints Are Being Given Out To Vaccinated New Yorkers For 4/20 Today

With recreational marijuana officially legalized in New York, this 4/20 will surely be one to remember…

And one New York activism group is celebrating while also offering an incentive for New Yorkers to get their COVID-19 vaccine. A “Joints for Jabs” event is happening at Union Square today, hosted by marijuana activist Dana Beal in conjunction with ACT UP NY, an activism group “committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis” who are also fierce marijuana advocates.

Free joints will be given out anyone 21 years and older with proof of their COVID-19 vaccination; according to Pix 11, the group was inspired by Krispy Kreme’s free doughnut incentive for those vaccinated.

“The marijuana community supports the science behind the COVID vaccine and what better way to encourage cannabis users to get vaccinated than to give out free pot,” said Beal in a statement to the news outlet.

You’ll be able to grab one between 11 a.m. and 4:20 p.m. on the south side of the Park near the George Washington statue. If you don’t have proof of vaccination, you will be turned away.

Beal said the group will also be hosting a Cannabis Parade on May 1 with “thousands” of more joints to hand out if you miss out today.

featured image source: Unsplash / Elsa Olofsson

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