Five NYC Haunted Houses Where You Can Scare Yourself Silly

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Five NYC Haunted Houses Where You Can Scare Yourself Silly


It’s that time of year, where everyone does terrifying things just for fun. And if you’re looking for the best scare-your-pants-off venues in the city, look no further:


1. Blood Manor Haunted House

NYC haunted houses
[Blood Manor/Facebook]
Arguably the scariest haunted house in the whole city, kids under 14 aren’t allowed in without an adult. The lines tend to be long because it’s so popular, but if you buy your ticket on the Fever app, you can go straight to the front.


2. Gravesend Inn Haunted Hotel

NYC haunted houses
[Live Design]
This is the most high-tech haunted house in the city. Participants trigger the hotel’s various scary surprises just by motion. You never know what’s coming next.


3. New York Haunted Hayride

NYC haunted houses
[Time Out]
This enterprise has been terrifying people in LA for the past seven years, and now it’s finally come to the east coast. Tickets are normally $55, but if you buy them on Fever you can get them for only $35, and you can enter through the VIP line.


4. Times Scare

NYC haunted houses

This is the only haunted house in the city that’s open year-round, and they’re very good at what they do. If you survive the haunted house part, you can stick around for Scaryoke, Dead Sexy Burlesque, or performances from Nightmare Bros. Circus.


5. The Jekyll and Hyde Club

NYC haunted houses
[Popcorn Horror]
Believe it or not, Dr. Jekyll’s haunted house is open for you to explore. Actors portray various moments of the doctor’s story—of course, only the ones that are sure to scare you silly.


After you get a fright at one of these locations, get your tickets for one of the liveliest Halloween parties in the city to make your October complete.


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