First Snowfall Of The Season Expected To Hit Tri-State Area This Week

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First Snowfall Of The Season Expected To Hit Tri-State Area This Week

Hurricane Zeta and cold fronts from Canada are combining to create a wintery bluster in New York & the tri-state area tonight & tomorrow.

It’s been a cold and rainy week, and that will continue through to Friday — becoming even more stormy with a chance of snow! Hurricane Zeta, a category 2 hurricane that hit Louisiana on Wednesday and is currently making its way up the East Coast, will drench the Northeast and, because of cold winds from Canada, is expected to bring the first snow of the season to the tri-state area.

According to meteorologists, areas of upstate New York, northern New Jersey, and Connecticut could see up to a half inch of snow over the course of today and tomorrow.

And the suburbs of NYC could also see snowflakes on Friday morning!

Governor Cuomo already issued a warning urging New Yorkers to use caution when traveling, as the combination of cold temperatures with precipitation could cause slippery surfaces. He said emergency response teams were at the ready if needed.


Though NYC proper isn’t predicted to get snow (though, considering it randomly snowed on a late April morning this year, you really never know), we will get hit by MORE rain and chilly temps. New York City and Long Island are predicted to get up to two inches of rain and wind gusts of 40 mph.

If there are any formal storm watches or warnings, they will be posted here.

featured image source: NY.gov

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