America’s First-Ever Chocolate Mousse Bar Is Now Doing Delivery In NYC

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America’s First-Ever Chocolate Mousse Bar Is Now Doing Delivery In NYC

The first chocolate mousse bar in the U.S. opened in East Harlem in February, but if you never had a chance to visit, no worries—they are now doing take-out and delivery!

MOJO Artisanal Mousse Bar comes from Belgian Chef Johan Halsberghe, who makes artisanal mousses in small batches with the best Belgian chocolate.

They are offering five flavors for pick-up and delivery from their website: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline, Matcha and Passion Fruit & Ruby Chocolate, as well as premium coffees and beverages, and special Brazilian cheese bread. 

They’ve also added a savory “Comfort Food” menu including traditional Belgian dishes like Belgian Beef Stew, Bolognese Sauce, Butternut Squash Soup and Celery Root Soup, and a special White Asparagus soup as an Easter menu item. 

And, on a different kind of sweet note, they are also helping the community by delivering “treat packages” of lattes, iced coffees and mousses daily to the East Harlem Mount Sinai and Metropolitan Hospitals.

“Many of our neighbors, friends, and clients are working in the front lines of our local hospitals. So, send them a little sweetness it’s just the right thing to do. Now that unfortunately, the business is slow, we can use the time to care even more for the people around us,” co-owner Jaqueline Halsberghe said.  

The local 23rd Police Precinct is helping with the deliveries, and if you buy a package for hospital workers for $22.50 on their website here, they will match all donations. 

They are open at 177 East 100th St., Tuesday through Sunday from 12pm to 5pm. 

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