Famous Mensho Tokyo has a Temporary Home at Ramen Lab

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Famous Mensho Tokyo has a Temporary Home at Ramen Lab
Nothing brings in the fall better than the comfort of a bowl of ramen.

With that said, you should know that Ramen Lab has a new temporary resident: Mensho Tokyo. This famous shop from Tokyo—made even more famous when it opened in San Francisco—will be serving up delicious ramen through the end of the month.

Chef Tomoharu Shono has been dubbed the “Ramen Master” and his noodles are truly exceptional. When the restaurant’s San Francisco branch opened people waited in lines for hours to get their hands on one of these heavenly bowls.

As mentioned in one of Secret NYC’s previous stories on the Menya Jiro ramen shop, ramen varies based on what kind of broth is used. If you’re not a fan of pork-based broths then you’re in luck!

At Mensho’s the ramen being served is Tori Paitan, which has a creamy chicken soup base. The most popular menu item is the Tori Paitan Ramen—with chashu, naruto, and scallions—and is the base for the other two ramen options on the menu. 

The other two items are: Niboshi Tori Paitan Ramen (which adds a rich fish broth), and the Spicy Tori Paitan Ramen (which adds garlic, chili peppers, and black pepper). However, if you’re interested in the spicy ramen you’ll have to act quickly! Only 4 bowls of it are served each day.

If you want a little more fill you can add smoky ajitama (the ramen egg) or double the chashu on any dish. 

Featured image source: Mensho Tokyo

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